Money And The Bible

The American Dream has become the American Nightmare for many. Countless humans accept to plan two or three jobs to accomplish ends accommodated and others reside in squalor. Abounding Christians accept wondered whether there is a affiliation amid the secularization of association and the accessible proclaiming of vice. Casinos and all kinds of ball accept to ample the abandoned hearts.

Laissez faire capitalism, already curbed, is about back. Moreover it is exported to added countries as able-bodied beneath the name of autonomous freedom. I do not like such a dream. Caring for the anemic and the poor and the aged is alleged socialism with a confidence that already absorbed McCarthy in his witch coursing adjoin communism. Health is alleged a advantage by many, not a right. In India, beneath the blind of degree and karma, the Dalit are kept in acute abjection and misery. In America you accept the underprivileged. A part of added affidavit abounding with no way out about-face to crime. Nowadays the affluent absolutely become richer and the poor are kept poor. Because of this there is added prostitution, all kinds of addictions and crime. If everybody would adore a reasonable accepted of living, the affluent would aswell accept a bigger activity with beneath to anguish about. Personally I try to accumulate myself apolitical. I accept never in my activity voted for a affair or a politician, bounded or national. And I wish to accumulate it this way, no bulk if added Christian affirmation that the “bad” guys will yield over with such an attitude. The “bad” guys accept already taken over and they are angry anniversary other. I wish to be a crude in a apple that keeps crucifying my Lord. But that does not beggarly that I cannot accept an assessment and achieve that assertive things are happening.

I do not acquaint that politicians should about-face things back. It is too backward for that. I say that Christians should abstracted from base churches and alarm aloft the Lord with a authentic heart. I do not acquaint some affectionate of moral majority. I say aboveboard Christians should reside quiet lives and adjure for people, from the admiral to their neighbors, from the pope to the bounded deacon, from their baron or queen to their bounded mayor. And they should be assemblage of Christ Jesus and deliver an absolute gospel.

Besides that, the affluent a part of Christians should advice the weak, the sick, the poor and the elderly. Solomon wrote already 3000 years ago “the poor man meets the affluent man, God has fabricated them both” and that “the affluent man speaks acrid words.” But it should not be this way a part of Christians. I am not adage that Christians should shut themselves up or abroad and overlook about a alleged angry world. We should aswell advice the Dalit in India and humans in a agnate plight in added countries and at home in the streets and shelters. Solomon aswell preached that we “should not ask for advanced times that they were better, for we would not ask for acumen this way.” Such homesickness is confused and naive. Nor should we lose ourselves in simple amusing programs. Christians should amalgamate affliction with truth. Food and alleviation with the Bible.

Again Solomon, “wealth acquired from vanity diminishes, but he that lays abroad little by little increases.” Watch out and accumulate yourself from acquisitive affairs that bulk to gambling. “Wisdom serves as adumbration and money serves as shade, but the arete of the ability of acumen gives activity to those that authority it.” “The abundance of a affluent man is as a attention bank in his imagination.” But Solomon never preached absolute socialism, a abundance accompaniment from the cradle to the grave, like they attempted in Sweden, let abandoned communism. “A artisan is aces of his hire.” But do not overlook that there are abounding whose backs are emotionally torn and who cannot lift themselves up by their own cossack straps. And let us not be anxious of the rich. The Lord said “How difficult is it for a affluent man to access the commonwealth of heaven!” And “the affluent man is astute in his own eyes, but a poor man will seek him out.” As to taxes “the accouchement are free, but so as not to abrade them… ” “Give to all that is due, assessment to whom assessment is due, community to whom customs, account to whom account and abhorrence to whom abhorrence (such as the police).” We are not declared to be revolutionaries or rebels. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Tithing should not be activated or heavily preached. “He that sows sparingly will acquire sparingly and he that sows in a absolution way, will acquire in a adored way. Everybody as he has called advanced in his heart, not with affliction and not from force, for God loves the airy giver.” And “He that waters, will himself be watered.”

I do not accept the acumen to admonish association with a band-aid to the abreast defalcation of the backer system, added than what I wrote above. I am praying that politicians and their admiral will accept that wisdom. And I achievement and adjure that the activity techniques will advance so abundant that electricity will be readily accessible globally. But I am sceptical. Somebody said that “men in jeans fabricated America great, but men in apparel bankrupt it down,” As humans compress from their responsibilities, so the added the government has to footfall in. Those politicians that affiance us that they will accomplish America abundant again, I am abashed they do not apperceive what they are saying. Afresh and afresh they promise, but are not able to accomplish acceptable on it. Every time afresh they accomplish in riling up the masses, to no avail. That’s why I say that Christians individually, and area possible, collectively, should accord the example.